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    Best Antivirus for Mac: Away from All Malware

    Scan viruses, remove malware and protect your Mac in real time

    • Scan for affected files by viruses and get them quarantined or removed safely.
    • Keep your Mac safe from online threats like viruses, phishing scams, downloads, etc.
    • Configure a scheduler to perform virus scan in the specific time.
    • Includes Safe Browsing feature that block malicious websites automatically.
    • Includes cleaning, privacy protection and other tools to make your Mac faster & safer.
    • 24/7 real human assistant for your antivirus and any technical problem.
    Fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan

Does Mac Need Antivirus Software? Yes!

Some people say that Mac computers are immune from viruses and malware threats because they have an in-built system to eliminate all the forms of Trojan, spyware and virus threats. This fact is somewhat true when you compare with Windows computers. However, your Mac will not be able to stay away from all the malware threats out there. The modern world hackers are smart enough to creep through the shield and create a big hassle. That’s why it is important to think of using an antivirus for Mac.

With the time goes by, there are brand new virus and malware appearing on the Internet. According to thesafemac.com, the most popular virus for Mac in 1990s was the 'Word macro viruses'. These viruses are cross platforms. They can infect both Mac and Windows through Microsoft Office products. The recent viruses include Flashback, MacDefender, CallMe, Minesteal, KitM, Janicab, ClickAgent, Leverage, Icefog, LaoShu, CoinThief, XSLCmd, iWorm, Ventir and Machook. Note that some viruses may disappear due to system update. Therefore, it's important to update your Mac system to the latest. That's to say, the older your Mac OS X is, the more necessary to get your Mac OSX protected with an antivirus for Mac.

MacKeeper: Best Antivirus to Keep Your Mac Safe and Fast

A wide range of antivirus applications are available out there for the Mac users. MacKeeper holds a prominent place out of them. In fact, MacKeeper can be considered as the most effective antivirus tool available for the Mac users. It is defined as the one-stop Mac maintenance tool because it has the potential to eliminate malware while cleaning up junk files and boosting the performance. This Mac antivirus application is compatible with all the Apple computers that have OS X 10.6 or newer version.

The unique and impressive features that can be found in MacKeeper have played a major role behind its popularity. The MacKeeper's Internet Security module can be considered as the most outstanding feature out of them. It has the potential to offer an excellent security to your Mac from offline and online threats, including but not limited to virus, spyware, adware, hijackers, phishing scams, unsafe downloads, email threats, identity theft, etc.

Protect Your Mac from Offline and Online Threats

Like traditional antivirus, MacKeeper features an industry-leading virus detection and removal engine. You would benefit from scanning your Mac's drive for malware and quarantine or delete them if exists. Besides the offline virus scan and removal, your Mac are completely protected with the Safe Browsing technology. By blocking any fraud website, your Mac has ZERO chance to be infected. The protection is in real time! All main stream web browsers are compatible: Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

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Vanquish Every Kind of Threats

You don't need various security software to safeguard your Mac. MacKeeper is enough. With MacKeeper running, forget about all these threats: viruses for Mac and Windows, spyware, adware, phishing attacks, fraudulent websites, unsafe downloads, threats from external devices, etc. With the real-time protection switched on, you can set assured to work with a Windows emulator. Otherwise, a virus might be passed from your Mac to your Windows.

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Add Extra Security by Creating Scheduled Scanning

It's a good habit to configure antivirus scans regularly. MacKeeper lets you create schedules to perform full drive scans or custom scans in the specified time. You're able to make automatic scans in Minutely, Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly. By default, you can simply start an antivirus scan manually.

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More Than An Antivirus for Mac: Personal Assistant, Cleaner, Shredder, Updater ...

MacKeeper is not only an antivirus software for Mac, but also a Mac system toolkit for cleaning your Mac, optimizing your Mac and protecting your private information. It includes 16 useful tools in one place.

Personal Assistant: When you're experiencing a problem, feel free to contact MacKeeper custom support team to find the reason and fix it quickly and easily. The team is 24/7 standby. MacKeeper is the only antivirus for Mac that provides personal assistant service on the market. Give it a try now.

Mac Cleaner: MacKeeper includes various cleaner tools to help freeing up storage space and speeding up your Mac, like Cache Cleaner, Leftovers Cleaner, Binaries Cutter, Logs Cleaner, and so on.

File Shredder and Data Encrypter: There are two basic ways to make your confidential files safe: erase them completely or encrypt them with a password. Don't rely on the Trash to delete sensitive information. People with a good quality data recovery software can recover deleted and emptied files easily. MacKeeper also lets you protect files with password in clicks.

Update Tracker: To eliminate the chance of being attacked by viruses and malware, you should keep all your installed application up to date. MacKeeper comes with an update tracker to update your applications with ease. You're able to update the selected app(s) or update all installed apps in one click.

Anti-Theft: You don't know whether and when you will loss your computer. The computer is expensive, while the data is priceless. Now with MacKeeper, you have the bigger chance to get back your computer and your data if it gets lost or stolen. By turning on Anti-Theft service, you will be shown your Mac's login position in a map and the snapshots of the user (e.g. a thief).

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In conclusion, MacKeeper is a great antivirus application for Mac that comes with 16 system tools. Some of them can make your Mac less infectious, while others may improve your Mac's performance. Click the button below to download the best antivirus for Mac.

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